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At our school, we are dedicated to creating an atmosphere where every student thrives. Our approach to Behaviour for Learning (BFL) is at the heart of this commitment, ensuring that our high standards and expectations lead to outstanding behaviour and a positive learning experience for all. 

Our Vision 

We strive to make our school a place where: 

  • Learning is Paramount: Every moment is a learning opportunity. 
  • Behaviour is Outstanding: Our students exhibit exemplary conduct. 
  • Praise Outweighs Criticism: Encouragement and recognition drive success. 
  • Students Feel Happy, Keen, and Fulfilled: A joyful learning environment is key. 
  • Safety from Aggression, Racism, and Bullying: Including protection from cyberbullying, we ensure a safe space for everyone. 
  • Helpfulness and Consideration Prevail: Compassion and cooperation are our core values. 
  • Responsibility and Engagement: Students are motivated to work hard, take responsibility, and actively participate in school life. 

The Power of Praise 

Our Behaviour for Learning (BFL) strategy is designed to foster a positive and encouraging school climate. Here’s how we achieve this: 

  • Creating a safe and happy environment 
  • BFL ensures a secure and joyful atmosphere for both students and staff. When praise outweighs criticism, it builds a community where positivity reigns. 
  • Focus on Teaching and Learning 
  • A positive environment allows teachers to teach effectively and students to focus on their learning journey. By minimising disruptions, we maximise learning. 
  • The role of staff influence 

Staff play a crucial role in shaping our school’s environment. By adhering to the principles of teaching and learning that align with our BFL policy, they help cultivate a nurturing and motivating space for students. 

Join Us in Building a Bright Future 

Our school’s success depends on the collective effort of students, staff, and the community. Together, we can create an environment where positive behaviour and high expectations drive us toward excellence. Let’s work together to ensure that every student not only meets but exceeds their potential in a supportive and inspiring setting.

 Behaviour for Learning Policy

behaviour for learning may 24.pdf


New College Durham Academies Trust

The focus on Excellence underpins all that we do whether in learning areas, working within the communities we serve or governing and leading our Academies.

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