The Pegasus Award is exclusive to Wellfield School.

The award includes students completing a number of hours in three different sections:

Community | Challenge | Cardio

Bronze10 hours10 hours10 hours1 mile walk
Silver20 hours20 hours20 hours3 mile walk
Gold30 hours30 hours30 hours1 night camp, 1 mile walk
Diamond40 hours40 hours40 hours1 night camp, 3 mile walk

The students will also complete a walk or a camp as the last section of the award. Once students have completed all the hours they will receive a certificate. Students have to complete a different amount of hours depending on the level they are working at. The criteria for each level of the award can be seen below:

The Pegasus Award begins with students completing their bronze award before working their way through to diamond. The award is completed by students in key stage 3 before they begin working on the Duke of Edinburgh Award in year 9. The introduction of the Pegasus Award provides a transition for students to progress as they move through the school.

We have also introduced the Bronze Pegasus Award to some of our partner primary schools this year. This allows us to build positive relationships with potential future students of Wellfield School who will continue work on their award when starting with us in year 7.