Philosophy and Vision

We believe that our media provides an important sources of modern culture and entertainment. It takes many forms and our aims are for students to become critical thinkers when analysing the impact of media on society. Media Studies is an opportunity for students to explore different interests and with the potential of pursuing a future career in the media.

Curriculum overview

Media Studies is an option subject chosen at the end of year 8 for teaching in years 9-11. The course initially introduces the students to the subject and what media studies is before exploring the four key concepts of the subject, these being: media language, media audiences, media industries and media representations. Once pupils have a good understanding of these key concepts, they then move on to applying these key concepts to a range of media texts, called close study products, that are given to the pupils by the exam board. Pupils explore these close study products and how they have been constructed to present their message and attract their target audiences. Towards the end of year 10 pupils then complete their none exam assessment work, choosing one brief from a selection again given by the exam board, to create a media product in response to.

KS4 Curriculum (Y9-11) – links to GCSE specifications

KS3 Curriculum (Y7-8)



From years 9-11, students are assessed against the GCSE AQA assessment objectives. Assessments take place at the end of each unit of work. Students are assessed in the four key concepts, these being: media language, media audiences, media industries and media representations as well as being assessed against their knowledge of the close study products needed for their final exams and completing their none exam assessment.