Philosophy and Vision

Hair and Beauty is taken as an option subject in year 9. This is not just a subject for pupils to go into the hair and beauty sector of work the qualification offers so much more.

The VTCT Level 2 Certificate in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy (VRQ) is a Technical Award specifically for 14-16
year olds. This qualification aims to support young people to:

  • develop a broad and comprehensive understanding of the hair and beauty sector
  • develop knowledge which spans the entire vocational sector and related industries
  • develop academic study and transferable skills that will support progression within the hair and beauty sector and
    more broadly

Hairdressing and beauty therapy has been and remains an extremely popular vocational area that many young people
are enthused by and aspire too. The aim of this qualification is to use the hair and beauty sector as a vehicle to develop
learners more broadly, so they are prepared and equipped with the knowledge, understanding and skills to pursue a
career in any context.

Curriculum overview

Through undertaking this qualification learners will also develop a range of transferable skills including:

  • Critical thinking and being reflective on self-performance and work produced
  • Use of initiative, planning and researching skills, self-management, self-motivation and the ability to work
  • Innovation and creativityApplication of knowledge and understanding to real life examples and businesses
  • Problem solving
  • Communication skills – verbal, written and visual.

In addition to these transferable skills, learning about sectors, carrying out research, exploring businesses and new ideas for businesses, planning marketing activities and producing marketing materials, exploring science and technology, and responding to design briefs are all general skills that be applied to a vast range of topics and will prepare learners to progress to further learning in a broad range of subject areas.

KS4 Curriculum (Y9-11) – links to GCSE specifications

KS3 Curriculum (Y7-8)



UV21578 – Understanding the hair and beauty industry – External Exam
UV21582 – Hair and beauty science – Assignment
UV21583 – Responding to a hair and beauty design brief – Assignment
UV21579 – Hair and beauty research project – Assignment