Philosophy and Vision

Art is an opening to the creative mind, a subject that allows us all to appreciate the visual and creative qualities of the world in which we live. At Wellfield we aim to equip our pupils with the confidence to use a wide variety of different materials and techniques, form opinions and interests in the work of many artists across many disciplines and develop their own work communicating their own thoughts, feelings and interpretations of the world around them.

Curriculum overview

In years 7 and 8 pupils study 1 hour a week with an Independent study allocation (5 hour homework task) once per term, allowing for personal investigation.

Year 9-11 have 2 hours per week with 1 homework allocation per week to extend classroom development.

KS4 Curriculum (Y9-11) – links to GCSE specifications

You will use a wide variety of materials, learning new techniques and processes to develop 2 projects over the duration of the course. Both projects will allow you to develop interesting personal sketchbooks, giving you the opportunity to develop your own ideas and interests. You will be taught how to look at a wide variety of artists and how to use them as inspiration for your own ideas.

You will get the opportunity to develop your skills further in:

● Painting and Drawing
● Digital art
● Presentation and layout
● Clay/Ceramics
● Mixed media and experimental work

You will be working within a brief, but the criteria are very broad which allows you to be much more creative and experimental than you were in lower school.

KS3 Curriculum (Y7-8)

Year 7

Pupils are taught a wide variety of skills using a variety of different materials, techniques and processes. Including basic principles of drawing, painting (including Colour theory and relationships), Printing and Ceramic process. Throughout the process they are guided on how to develop and present an artist sketchbook.

Year 8

Pupils explore the work of various artists, form their own opinions and learn to respond and draw inspiration form the work of others to develop their own ideas through multiple materials, techniques and processes.



60% coursework will be assessed in lessons, giving you advice and feedback on how to continuously improve your work and ideas. This will be in the form of written feedback, with lesson and homework time allocated for response and improvement.
40% externally set task in which students are given a project by the exam board in which they will develop a final piece of work in a 10 hour practical art exam. They will have 9 weeks preparation for the practical exam which will be planned and supported in the lessons leading up to the exam.


Lower school
Classwork will be assessed in line with the school assessment policy which identifies areas of strength and also areas for improvement, supported with specific advice to improve. Pupils will be given the opportunity to act upon feedback and make amendments/improvements to their work.