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Curriculum Rationale

At Wellfield School, we have an overriding belief that pupils’ education from 11-16 is only part of their education and as such, all subjects we offer have progression routes into post 16 education.

When pupils enter Year 7, they are placed into ability sets. This structure is designed to match the individual learners’ needs. Pupils can move up and down sets, dependent upon their progress. During Year 7 & Year 8 pupils study an English and Maths mastery programme and have weekly Study Skills sessions to prepare them for Year 9.

We nominally split the curriculum into lower school (Years 7 and 8) and upper school (Years 9-11) where pupils choose their options to start in Year 9. However, the focus for all subjects from Year 7 onwards is the progression from their current point to where they need to be aged 16 in order to maximise their potential according to their ability. The school’s curriculum is planned and sequenced so that our pupils start their option subjects in Year 9, giving them the time to study their chosen subjects in more depth, allowing them to develop the skills of contextualised problem solving alongside learning the increased course content evident in the new GCSEs and other courses.


GCSE Options

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