Summer School 2021



Summer School 2021

Wellfield School were delighted to secure funding to enable a Summer School to take place during July and August 2021. The Summer School lasted the entire duration of the summer holidays (6 weeks). Students were exposed to a wide variety of engaging activities, including:

  • Transition – supporting Y6 students’ transition to Wellfield School. All students spent one full day in school over a three-day period. Students met their tutors and tutor group peers. They also participated in a wide range of activities preparing them for the new academic year.
  • Additional subject support, led by Wellfield School teaching staff.
  • Sports based activities (trampolining, archery, table tennis, cycling, paddle boarding at South Shields, netball, and football coaching with Sunderland Foundation of Light coaching staff).
  • Enrichment activities, including archery, rock climbing, crazy golf, sports nutrition and cooking sessions. For the first time this year, we also offered bush craft activities led by Hide Tide Adventures.
  • School trips to Whitby, York Dungeons, the Lake District and Flamingo Land Resort.
  • Performing Arts Week – students took part in singing, dancing, and acting workshops led by industry professionals. This culminated in a student performance at the end of the week.

Over 700 students accessed the Summer School, of which 33% of them were Pupil Premium students.

The cost of the Summer School is detailed in the table below.

Wellfield School – Summer School 2021 – Spending Statement
Staffing Costs Teacher Salaries £31,131.22  
Support Staff Salaries £10,487.76  
Total Staffing Costs £41,618.98
Non-Staffing Costs Football Academy £8,050.00  
  Rock Climbing/Archery/Bush Craft £4,000.00  
Surf Club (Paddle Boarding) £250.00  
Performing Arts £4,776.16  
Trip tickets £3,360.00  
Transport costs £10,990.00  
Transition Costs £2,643.40  
Equipment £11,119.66  
Rewards / Trophies £1,500.00  
Miscellaneous expenses, including additional COVID cleaning costs £3165.77  
Total Non-Staffing Costs £49,854.99
Total Costs £91,473.97
Total Summer School Grants £91,473.97
Balance Nil