School Uniform

At Wellfield our school uniform is an important expression of our pride in ourselves as a school and we expect all students in correct uniform. We are delighted by the effort that our parents and students make into ensuring that the uniform is the smartest in the county.

We recognise that uniform can be expensive for parents and we want to ensure that parents get the best prices but also have choice in where to buy certain parts of the uniform, whilst also maintaining high standards. In order to help parents with the purchase of school uniform please read the guide below. However, if you have any concerns or queries about the purchasing of school uniform please check with the school before doing so.

The following items can only be bought on line through the link provide on this page

– Grey Blazer with school badge (available to buy online from
– School tie (available to buy online from
– Plain white shirt.
– Only plain white t-shirts to be worn under shirt (and not as a replacement for a shirt).
– Optional plain grey V-necked sweater. If parents buy a similar Vnecked jumper from another source, we request that they ensure that the colour is similar
to that of the school blazer. No other colour of jumper is allowed. Grey cardigans can be
worn but must be smart (not baggy) and not longer than the student’s blazer.

Plain black trousers straight legged only (stretchy fabric or slim fit/skinny trousers are not
deemed to be uniform)
– Plain black skirt (straight or pleated). This must be of appropriate length, no shorter than
knee length and must be trouser fabric (stretchy fabric is not deemed to be uniform).
– Plain black formal shoes of the sort that would be worn with a suit (no heels). Black trainers
(including high tops, or shoes which are trainer in style) are not allowed as an alternative

 black formal shoes, and boots (including “Ugg” style boots), plimsolls (including “Flossy”
style shoes) are not allowed for safety reasons. There must be no embellishments on shoes
(for example large bows or any gold or silver other than a buckle) and plain black ankle socks
(not trainer socks) must be worn.
– Plain black belt (no fashion belts).
– No hats to be worn inside the school building.
– Outdoor/ warm winter coats are allowed over the top of blazers but need to be removed
whilst sitting in the dining room or moving inside school. Please note – hooded sweat tops
and “hoodies” are not allowed as an alternative to an outdoor coat and must not be worn
at all to school.
– Full equipment is considered to be part of uniform. Full equipment constitutes a school bag
which is large enough for A4 folders, pencil case, a black/blue pen, HB pencil, ruler, green
pen, planner.


To view our full Uniform Policy, please click here.

How to order

Order online

You can also purchase uniform at the Little Gems store in The Chare Shopping Centre, Peterlee:

For a wide range of shoes that is acceptable for school use, please click on the below link to take you to Windsor’s World of Shoes.

Back to school with Windsors world of shoes.

Our Uniform Recycling Scheme

We are proud to have a uniform recycling scheme at Wellfield. If you would like to donate, or request a piece of uniform, please contact the school direct.