Meet the Staff

Here is a list of our current staffing structure and their roles and responsibilities:


Leadership TeamMs S HammondHeadteacher
Leadership TeamMr D KrishnanDeputy Headteacher
Curriculum and Standards
Leadership TeamMs C BlackettDeputy Headteacher
Leadership TeamMrs J WildAssistant Head Teacher
Subject Leader
Leadership TeamMrs E SimpsonAssistant Head Teacher Teaching & LearningMathematics
Leadership TeamMrs M AntonyAssistant Head Teacher
Subject Leader
Leadership TeamMr J HardieAssistant Headteacher Behaviour for LearningIT
Leadership TeamMs P DoddAssistant Head Teacher
Attendance & Rewards, SENDCO
Leadership TeamMrs M FarquharFinance & Premises Director
Leadership TeamMiss S ArmstrongAssociate Member
Senior Head of Learning Transition (Y6 & Y7)

Leadership TeamMrs R HardySENDCO
Teaching StaffMiss E Wallace TeacherArt
Teaching StaffMr M HartmannTeacherArt
Teaching StaffMiss S CawthornSubject Leader
Head of Learning (Y7)
Head of Art
Teaching StaffMiss B PattersonEarly Career TeacherEnglish
Teaching StaffMr L GlaisterHead of Learning (Y10)
Assistant Subject Leader
Teaching StaffMrs L McAdamLiteracy Co-ordinatorEnglish
Teaching StaffMiss T DavisonTeacher
Head of Learning (Y9)
Teaching StaffMiss T ElliottTeacherEnglish
Teaching StaffMiss N MeshykhiTeacherEnglish
Teaching StaffMiss S HooperTeacherEnglish
Teaching StaffMiss L RowellTeacherTeach First English
Teaching StaffMrs H DrewettHair & Beauty Teacher
Careers Lead
Hair & Beauty
Teaching StaffMiss A PearlTeacherHumanities
Teaching StaffMrs J GibbonsHead of HumanitiesHistory
Teaching StaffMrs H HopeSubject Leader of GeographyGeography
Teaching STaffMiss K SalmonTeacherGeography
Teaching StaffMrs N WilkinsonTeacherHistory
Teaching StaffMrs J ArcherTeacherICT
Teaching StaffMiss E PritchardTeacherMathematics
Teaching StaffMr N WaltonAssistant Subject LeaderMathematics
Teaching StaffMr A WestgarthTeacher
Assistant Subject Leader
Teaching StaffMr B MeadTeacherMathematics
Teaching StaffMiss C JohnstonTeacherMathematics
Teaching StaffMr P WrightTeacherMathematics
Teaching StaffMiss E KimeTeacherMathematics
Teaching StaffMrs M HarveyTeacherMathematics
Teaching StaffMiss H McReynoldsTeacherMusic
Teaching StaffMrs L FrappolaTeacherMFL
Teaching StaffMrs N SmithSubject LeaderPE
Teaching StaffMr C CarneyTeacherPE
Teaching StaffMrs H CookHead of Learning (Y8)
Teaching StaffMr O ShieldTeaching StaffPE
Teaching StaffMiss B WatsonSubject LeaderRE
Teaching StaffMrs L TalbottSenior Subject LeaderScience
Teaching StaffMiss C NeelyAssistant Subject LeaderScience
Teaching StaffMiss L ElleringtonTeacherScience
Teaching StaffMrs M JacquesTeacherScience
Teaching StaffMr M SaundersTeacherScience
Teaching StaffMiss J FinchAssistant Subject LeaderScience
Teaching Staff Mr C BevanTeacherScience
Teaching StaffMr P TalbottSubject LeaderTechnology
Teaching StaffMr A HallAssistant Subject Leader
Teaching StaffMrs N GilchristTeacherTechnology
Teaching StaffMr P BrownTeacherTechnology
Teaching StaffMiss V ThompsonTeacherGeography
Teaching StaffMiss J BrownTeacherMusic
Teaching StaffMr A McAllisterTeacher
Head of Learning (Y11)
Support Staff TechniciansMr A RaineTechnicianConstruction and Technology
Support Staff TechniciansMr D BurtonTechnicianScience
Support for LearningMrs H CowleyLSU Manager
Support for LearningMrs S ForbesASD Manager and Assistant SENCO KS4Learning Support
Support for LearningMr A E PearsonData, Exams and Transport Manager
Support for LearningMrs S BoageyApprenticeLearning Support
Support for LearningMrs V PayneSchool Counsellor
Support for LearningMiss S MurphyAssistant School Counsellor
Support for LearningMiss J DriverPastoral Support Officer
Support for LearningMiss J FacchiniPastoral Support Officer
Support for LearningMiss N Thornton Pastoral Support Officer
Support for LearningMrs H O'BrienPastoral Support Officer
Support for LearningMr A MitchellPastoral Support Officer
Support for LearningMiss A GarrodAssistant Pupil Progress Leader
Support for LearningMiss S BishopPupil Progress Leader
Support for LearningMrs G TonesPupil Progress Leader
Support for LearningMrs K SummersAssistant Pupil Progress Leader
Support for LearningMiss L HeslingtonAssistant Pupil Progress Leader
Support for LearningMiss R SmithAssistant Pupil Progress Leader
Support for LearningMrs D DixonCover Supervisor
Support for LearningMiss K McCannAssistant Pupil Progress Leader
Support for LearningMrs N MaughanAssistant Pupil Progress Leader
Support for LearningMr D MartinFamily Liaison Officer
Support for LearningMrs K RichardsonSafeguarding Officer
Support Staff TechniciansMr G SurteesSenior IT Technician
Support Staff TechniciansMr J ParkinsonIT Technician
Support StaffMr K AtkinsPublicity and Graphics Officer
Administrative & ClericalMs K JobesPA to Head Teacher and In Charge of Human Resources
Administrative & ClericalMrs L KellyAdministration/Finance Assistant
Administrative & ClericalMrs C HodgsonOffice Manager/Cover Manager
Administrative & ClericalMrs V GraySenior Finance and GDPR officer
Administrative & ClericalMrs L ClishStudent Support Assistant
Administrative & ClericalMr B PottsAdministrative Assistant Behaviour and Attendance
Administrative & ClericalMrs J StonesReprographics
Catering & PremisesMrs C WestHead Cook
Catering & PremisesMrs E ChristieCatering Assistant
Catering & PremisesMrs J ScottCatering Assistant
Catering & PremisesMrs J DixonCatering Assistant
Catering & PremisesMrs J IleyCatering Assistant
Catering & PremisesMrs A HolmesCatering Assistant
Catering & PremisesMrs L MasonCatering Assistant
Catering & PremisesMiss L HolveyCatering Assistant
Site StaffMr C ThubronSite Manager
Site StaffMr D BullockCaretaker / Minibus Driver
Site StaffMrs C HardyCleaning Supervisor
Site StaffMiss B ParkCleaner
Site StaffMiss G FrostCleaner
Site StaffMrs L KnightCleaner
Site StaffMrs C SwailesCleaner
Site StaffMrs L EllisonCleaner
Site StaffMrs L GibsonCleaner
Site StaffMrs C RichardsonCleaner
Site StaffMrs J ThompsonCleaner
Lunchtime Supervisor
Site StaffMrs L GibsonCleaner
Lunchtime Supervisor
Site StaffMrs T GlaisterCleaner
Site StaffMiss C HindCleaner
Site StaffMr G DaviesCaretaker/Minibus Driver
Site StaffMr D WilsonCaretaker/Minibus Driver
Site StaffMr D StokerCaretaker/Minibus Driver
Site StaffMrs D WilliamsLunchtime Supervisor
Site StaffMiss D HoylandLunchtime Supervisor
Site StaffMiss S KnightLunchtime Supervisor
Site StaffMiss C RoweLunchtime Supervisor