Our Vision

We wish to be:-

  • A first choice school,
  • A happy, caring learning environment,
  • An exciting centre for learning for our community,

Therefore, Wellfield School will be characterised by its high achievement and success for all.

We will never lose sight of the over riding priority of putting the teaching and learning of students first. And we have high aspirations.

We place an unrelenting emphasis on what happens in lessons because we know that high standards begin and end with teaching and learning.

Change is sweeping through society and we know that our work can do much to stabilise and strengthen the community. We are a force for good. We represent reliability, morality, knowledge, inspiration and access to the wider world. We know that change is coming and will respond with 100% determination to take full advantage for our learners.

We are crystal clear about our purpose, but everyone should understand what we do and why we do it. We try to remember the 3 Cs:


We know that students thrive in an atmosphere of structured support and that they need a combination of certainty, recognition and stimulation.

We want to be a state of the art community school. Good or better teaching and learning along with updated ICT and e-learning facilities will improve our learning environment. We must work in partnership with staff, governors, parents, local businesses and the community.

We are a thinking environment in which people can think for themselves and put their best ideas into action. We know that action is only as good as the thinking behind it and that thinking is only as good as the way we treat each other.