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Helpful Links  

 Begin your research by using the links below.  


  • Consider travel arrangements and how you will get there daily.  
  • Look into options that interest you, not just the one popular with your current friends.  
  • You can apply to as many as you want. 
  • Just because you apply does not mean you have to go there. 
  • This will give you choices in September when you choose what route is best for you.  
  • Visit more than one for open evenings so you can make an informed choice.

Local College and 6th Forms

Useful links for Careers

National careers service can offer help and guidance on the following  

  • CVs 
  • Skills health check reports 
  • action plans 
  • course searches 

For information about volunteering

For work experience opportunities

Helping you prepare for the world of work

Contains links to a variety of career related elements from career quizzes to student finance

Advice for Parents


Careers websites

There are a broad range of Careers websites available for you to use to increase your knowledge and give you advice. 

Job Search sites

If you are looking for employment there is several sites that many companies advertise job on part time and full time: 


 Traineeships are designed to help people who want to move into an apprenticeship or a job. Unlike apprentices, trainees don’t yet have some essential skills like English and maths, or have limited work experience. The traineeship aims to provide them with these. 

Traineeships last anything up to a maximum of six months, unlike apprenticeships, which go on for a number of years. 

Traineeships may also be unpaid (it is left up to the employer to make that decision) and are not subject to minimum wage laws, unlike apprenticeships, which legally must be paid and meet the Apprentice National Minimum Wage.

Local Market Intelligence and information (LMI)

Local Market Intelligence and information (LMI) can be used to inform you what jobs are and will be available in different industry. It shows sector growth, demand and sectors in decline.

Specific field sites