Record of Attendance 2019-2020

✓   – Attended meeting
A/A   – Apologies sent and accepted by meeting
A/A* – Absent but participated by telephone for HT report
N   – Did not attend
n/a  – Not a member of the committee

Record of Attendance 2018/19
NameFinance & Buildings CommitteeFinance & Buildings CommitteeFull Governing BodyPay Review CommitteeCurriculum CommitteeCurriculum CommitteeFull Governing BodyFinance & Buildings CommitteeFinance & Buildings committeeFull Governing BodyCurriculum Committee
10th Sept 192nd Oct 198th Oct 195th Nov 1918th Nov 194th Feb 2025th Feb 204th Mar 203rd Jun 209th Jun 2024th Jun 20
Mrs H Anderson
Mr N Anderson
Mrs M L Binks
Mrs J Carr
Mr R Crute
Mrs E Devine
Miss P Dodd
Ms J Grant
Mrs G Hammond
Mr K Morgan
Mr R Nelson
Mr A Pearson
Mr D Richardson
Mrs L Rodham
Mr C Ryanv
Mrs S Saiger
Mrs N Wood

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