Terms of Reference:


  • To act in accordance with the Teachers Pay Policy adopted by the Governing Body to include matters relating to: teaching and learning responsibility payments, SEN (Special Educational Needs) allowances, recruitment and retention payments, points for previous experience, bursaries.
  • To report to the Finance, Buildings and Resources Committee on Pay Review-related expenditure.
  • To make any decisions under the personnel procedures adopted by the Governing Body, e.g. disciplinary, grievance, ill health, capability etc where the Headteacher is the subject of the action.
  • To make any decisions relating to a member of staff (other than the Headteacher) under the Personnel procedures adopted by the Governing Body (unless delegated to the Headteacher).
  • Reducing the staffing establishment.
  • Review temporary contracts on an annual basis
  • To ensure that a Performance Management Policy is in place
  • Staffing Structure
  • To keep under review work/life balance, working conditions and well-being including the monitoring of absence.

Autumn term, plus as and when necessary.

School staff. Pecuniary interest.

Delegation to the Headteacher

School Staffing (England) Regulations 2009
Appointment: The Governing Body can delegate the power to appoint outside the leadership group to:

  • The Headteacher

Delegate to the Headteacher as above for:

  • Permanent teaching staff posts
  • Permanent support staff posts
  • Temporary staff

Dismissals: Governing Body are delegated responsibility for the dismissal of:

  • All Staff

Headteacher’s Performance Review

Terms of Reference:

  • To arrange to meet with the External Adviser (EA) or Education Development Partner (EDP) to discuss the Headteacher’s performance targets.
  • To decide with support from the EA or EDP whether the targets have been met and to set new targets annually.
  • To monitor throughout the year the performance of the Headteacher against the targets.
  • To make recommendations to the appropriate committee in respect of awards for the successful meeting of set targets.

Autumn term, plus monitoring meetings.

the Headteacher and staff.