Board of Governors

Governors work closely with headteachers, school staff and representatives from the local authority (LA).

Governor Committee Structure

Mrs Heather Anderson Co-opted21/07/21 to 20/07/25Curriculum*
Finance, Buildings & Resources
First/Pay Review
Discipline & Grievance*
Exclusion Data Inclusion
Employee - Easington Academy
Mrs Manju AnthonyStaff21/09/21 to 20/09/25
Mrs Marie Louise BlinksCo-opted08/10/23 to 07/10/27Discipline & GrievanceCultural capitalPrimary headteacher
Mr Rob CruteLocal Authority 24/06/20 to 23/06/24AppealsWebsite, publicity & marketingDCC Councillor
Mr Ricardo GutierrezParent14/02/20 to 13/02/24Finance and Building
Mr Keith MorganCo-opted19/03/22 to 18/03/26
Finance & Buildings
First/Pay Review
Overall effectivenessSolicitor, TMJ Legal Services
Mrs L RodhamCo-opted01/09/21 to 31/08/25CurriculumDaughter works at the School
Mr J BradshawParent07/10/22 to 12/01/26
Mrs K ClarkeCo-Opted11/05/22 to 10/05/26Curriculum
Mr Gary PottsCo-Opted05/07/23 to 04/04/27


How To Become A School Governor

If you require further information on the roles and responsibilities of School Governors or you are interested in becoming one, visit the Durham County Council website School Governor section.

Statutory Guidance for Governing Bodies

Wellfield School adhere to the statutory guidance from the Department for Education. This means that governing bodies must have regard to it when carrying out duties relating to the constitution of governing bodies in maintained schools. For further information please view or download the full document below.

The Constitution of Governing Bodies of Maintained Schools (Updated Aug 2015)

Record of Governor Attendance

Schools are now required to display a record of Governor attendance at meetings for each school academic year.

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